Tiffi Character

Tiffi is one of the playable characters in Candy Crush Friends Saga, marking her first major appearance since the original game

The player can use this character at the beginning of the game.

Description Edit

"Tiffi is the mischievous ball of enthusiasm who accidentally fell into the Candy Kingdom and brought chaos into Mr. Toffee's orderly world. Although she eventually wants to get home, she's happy to stick around for adventure, exploration, and, of course, Candy! Tiffi can create Swedish Fish out of thin air! Just match 10 red Candies and she and her fishies will help you, cuz' that's what friends do!"

Ability Edit

Tiffi power

Tiffi's ability

When the player collects 10 red candies, Tiffi will pour a bucket of water with three fish, then change three random red candies to red fish candies. Like many other characters, these fish will spawn beside other special candies if possible.

If there are not enough red candies on the board, Tiffi will change random colored candies to red fish candies.

Analysis Edit

She can be used in any level with red candies.

Since candy fish have a high priority over level objective, her ability can help in bringing special candies to the objective and make better use. However, since the power of single candy fish is weak, her power may be less effective if there are too many targets or some extra strong targets.

Costumes Edit

  • Tiger (15)
  • Vampire (50 stickers or 20 stars from the 2018 Halloween Star Chaser event)
  • Astronaut (100)
  • Dragon (150)
  • Turkey (??? stickers or 35 stars from the 2018 Thanksgiving Star Chaser event)
  • Pig (100 stickers during 2019 new year event)
  • Summer (450 stickers from the 2020 Friends' Sunny Tales event)

Trivia Edit

  • In this game, Tiffi is 6 years old, comparing to 8 in Candy Crush Saga.
  • A splash text in February 2020 reveals that she comes from New Jersey.

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