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In Candy Crush Friends Saga, you'll find some candies are extra-sweet!

Match four or more candies of the same color, and you'll create a special candy. Special candies also appear when boosters or certain character powers are activated. These tasty treats can be a real game-changer, so let's learn what they are and what they do.

Striped Candy[edit | edit source]

Earning your stripes is easy - just match four candies in a horizontal or vertical line. The Striped Candy explodes when matched, blasting away all the candies in a straight line across the board. Check the direction of the stripes to see which direction the blast will go.

Candy vert stripe purple 01.png

Wrapped Candy[edit | edit source]

Time to wrap things up! Make a Wrapped Candy by matching five candies in an "L" or "T" shape. When matched, the Wrapped Candy creates a tasty explosion that takes out all of the surrounding candies in a 3x3 space. The Wrapped Candy will then drop and explode for a second time.

Candy wrap yellow 01.png
Candy wrap purple 01.png

Color Bomb[edit | edit source]

Bombs away! Create a Color Bomb by matching five candies in a straight line. The fun really starts when you switch the Color Bomb with another Candy. Sit back and watch as all of the candies of that color explode around the board!

ColorBomb 01.png

Swedish Fish[edit | edit source]

Go fish! Swedish Fish are created by matching four candies in a 2x2 square shape. Once matched, the Swedish Fish will swim across the board in search of another candy to eat. They enjoy eating "difficult" Candies, such as blockers, best of all!

Coloring Candy[edit | edit source]

Why not add some more color to your life? Coloring Candy is made by matching at least six candies together. Five must be in a straight line (just like making a Color Bomb) with at least one more of that color placed beside the middle candy (i.e. the third candy in the line). Once the Coloring Candy is made, switch it with a regular candy to paint all the other candies on the board of that color, making matches easier!

ColouringCandy blue 01.png

Combining special candies[edit | edit source]


Things are about to get even sweeter. Switch one special candy with another to create some super-duper sugar explosions!

2 x Striped Candies: Switching one Striped Candy with another will create a blast in both a horizontal and vertical line.

  • Tap striped candy A and move to striped candy B, the center of blast will occur at the position of candy B. The stripes of candy A or B are irrelevant.

2 x Wrapped Candies: Two Wrapped Candies combine to create a huge blast, taking out all the surrounding candies in a 5x5 square. The boom is so big, it shakes the board!

  • The blast happens twice. The first blast is actually a combination of four quick 3x3 blasts, only hindered by the "damage protection" rule.

2 x Swedish Fish: One fish plus another fish equals… three fish? Don't question the math - you just got an extra Swedish Fish!

  • Each tile can only be targeted by one fish at the same time.

2 x Color Bomb: If you're lucky enough to have two adjacent Color Bombs, switch them to blast everything on the board. It's the bomb!

  • All objects (except the hearts) take 1 damage. Hearts are considered as "take damage from special candies" and gain 2 moves.

2 x Coloring Candy: On the rare occasion you see two Coloring Candies together, switch them to turn every candy on the board the same color. The candy that moves will determine the new color. Paint the town red, or green, or cyan - it's up to you!

  • Tap coloring candy A and move to coloring candy B, this will turn all other candies (except other coloring candies) into color B.

Striped Candy + Wrapped Candy: This combination creates a huge Striped Candy that instantly makes two big blasts - one horizontal, one vertical. Each blast measures three Candies wide and sweeps the whole board.

  • Liquorice swirls caught in the 3x3 tiles centered by the target candy will be removed without any function.

Swedish Fish + Striped Candy: Switch these two, and you'll make a striped fish! It will swim across the board as usual, then blast all the candies in a straight line when it stops.

  • Direction of blast is determined by the direction of stripes.

Swedish Fish + Wrapped Candy: Same as above, except this fish, will appear in a wrapper and explode in a 5x5 square wherever it lands.

  • Unlike normal wrapped candy, this combination only explodes once.

Color Bomb + other special candy: Switching a Color Bomb with another special candy turns all of the normal candies of the chosen color special! For example, use a red Striped Candy to turn all of the normal red candies into striped candies. The special candies will activate instantly.

  • Does not affect special candies of same color but different type. For example, mixing color bomb and red candy fish will not affect red striped candies or wrapped candies.

Coloring Candy + other special candy: This has a similar effect to the Color Bomb + special candy combo. Not only do the candies change color as usual, but they also take the form of the special candy used for the combination. The switch will turn all regular candies of the color of the special candy being switched as well as normal candies that match the color of the coloring candy into the special candy it was switched with. For example, if a green coloring candy is matched with a blue wrapped candy, all regular green and blue candies will turn into green wrapped candies.

  • If both candies are of same color, this will pick another majority color and transform.

Coloring Candy + Color Bomb: It works similar to the double Color Bomb combination, but it removes all layers of the blockers instead of just a single layer that the double Color Bomb combination does.

  • This almighty combo deals full damage to most blockers.
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