Red Rabbit Character

Red Rabbit is one of the playable characters in Candy Crush Friends Saga.

The player can unlock this character by collecting 200 stickers of Red Rabbit character from gift boxes.

Description Edit

"Red Rabbit always wanted to run and run fast. Now that he's in Candy Town, he delights in daily speed sprints and is ready to follow his dream of becoming a famous rockstar."

Ability Edit

When the player collects 10 red candies, Red Rabbit hits mints with upside-down T shape range and reduces two layers of the mints. When there are no mints, the ability will remove candies, break frosting or hit hearts.

Analysis Edit

Since his ability is limited to mints, he can only appear in Animal levels and Heart levels with red candies.

Animal Levels Edit

Since most of the animals are hidden behind mints, his "extra move" ability can remove mint faster so that animals are easier to be explosed to cascades, and may cause even more cascades. It is a good choice to try his ability.

Heart Levels Edit

His ability is less useful in heart levels, since he will only hit hearts if there is not a single mint block remaining. Also, most of the mints will be broken by the hearts moving through.

Though very unlikely, if there is a level with only a few mint blocks, his ability will become very powerful, since every hit to the hearts can move them by two steps.

Costumes Edit

  • Easter Bunny (200)
  • Farmer (200)
  • Fox (200)
  • Rockstar (450)

Trivia Edit

  • In version 0.13.7, the character's power was to do extra damage to gummy blockers. Also, the character required ??? number of stickers to unlock.
    • In version 0.14.15, the character's power was redesigned to do extra damage to mint blockers and the character required 200 stickers to unlock.
    • The power against gummy blocks is later given to Olivia.
  • During early August 2020, his ability was glitched that he could not hit anything that was not mint.

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