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Raspberry Twister Cake is one of the blockers in Candy Crush Friends Saga. It is introduced in Level 521.

The delicious raspberry twister cake is big enough to feed a feast!

Taking up a 2 x 2 square space on the board, it sits pretty with its attractive red and white icing.

When it’s time to remove the cake from your game board, you'll need to make matches next to it to reduce it. Quite a task for such a huge portion of deliciousness.

Each time you make a successful match, a white stripe of icing will be removed from the strawberry jam on top. Keep making adjacent matches until all of the white icings are cleared and the cake's shimmering sugar-coating will wobble and burst to clear all of the surrounding candies. As a sweet bonus, bursting the raspberry twister cake will also reduce the level of any blockers on your board too, like gummies or caramel cups - so bonus benefits!

  • However, if the player mixes a Color Bomb and a Coloring Candy, the explosion will "deal full damage" by removing all icing stripes, and the cake will be forced to burst. The same happens if any lollipop is used directly on the cake.
  • Hearts running into a cake can only deal 1 damage each bump.
  • Note that if an adjacent candy is removed by a color bomb, the cake does not take damage. This trait is different from how OctoSmash works.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Most of the sooner jam levels with these blockers don't have jam under these blockers, which means the player has to spread the jam on spaces that the cakes originally located.
  • This blocker resembles the cake bomb from Candy Crush Saga and jelly cake from Candy Crush Soda Saga (moreso the latter).

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