Odus Character

Odus is one of the playable characters in Candy Crush Friends Saga.

The player can unlock this character by collecting 100 stickers of Odus character from gift boxes.

Description Edit

"Odus the Owl is old and wise. Well, he’s old anyway. Unfortunately, he's lost his spectacles and can't read a word without them. To make up for this, he relies on his dubious memory to dispense questionable advice."

Ability Edit

Odus power

Odus' ability

Your feathery friend Odus can create not one, but two special Striped Candies at once! Match 8 purple candies, and he'll spawn both a vertical and a horizontal Striped Candy at random on the board. Talk about flying colors.

  • This will likely happen near level objective or another special candy whenever possible.

Costumes Edit

  • Adventurer (200)
  • Tropical Bird (200)
  • Magician (350)
  • Chick (100)
  • Eagle (250)
  • Pumpkin (50)

Trivia Edit

  • While Odus in Candy Crush Saga was well known by "Odus fell down!" when Dreamworld was available, in this game, he only falls in level intro which does not happen often.

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