Lemonade Lake
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Episode information
Episode number 7
Levels 121-140
New features N/A
Release date
Difficulty Very Hard
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Bon Bon Beach (Episode 6) Chocolate Mountains (Episode 8)

Lemonade Lake is the 7th episode in Candy Crush Friends Saga.

Candy Crush Friends Saga episodes
Lollipop Meadows 15913172125293337414549535761656973778185899397101105109113117121125129133137141145149153157161165169173177
Bon Bon Beach 261014182226303438424650545862667074788286909498102106110114118122126130134138142146150154158162166170174178
Lemonade Lake 371115192327313539434751555963677175798387919599103107111115119123127131135139143147151155159163167171175179
Chocolate Mountains 4812162024283236404448525660646872768084889296100104108112116120124128132136140144148152156160164168172176180
Hardlevel Hard levels
Animal 01 Level 126 Octopus 01 Level 129 Heart 01 Level 135 Animal 01 Level 139
Superhardlevel Super Hard levels
Cookie 01 Level 133


  • This is the first episode which contains a Super Hard classified level: Level 133.
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