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Gummy is one of the blockers in Candy Crush Friends Saga. It is introduced in level 5.

Gummies are found on Octopus levels, hiding your eight-legged friends inside. Remove all the Gummy layers, and the octopus will float to freedom!

Like the Caramel Cups, Gummies can also have up to six layers. Layers can be eliminated by matching adjacent Candies, or through blasts and boosters. Swedish Fish also have a knack for finding octopuses, so deploy them whenever you can!

A gummy square with two layers or below will have the content visible, while a square with three or more layers will hide the content. However, Olivia will always know which squares have octopus, and hit them first.

If there are remaining gummy squares after all octopus in the current board have been freed, these gummy squares will be destroyed before sugar crush occures.




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