Daily Bonus is a feature currently found on mobile versions of Candy Crush Friends Saga. It appears after clicking the play button in mobile.


This is a feature in mobile devices. There is no button to access. This feature only appears when the previous day is over and the next day starts. This feature is only suitable for who is free. To get the reward, the player only clicks the "Play" button at home screen and the player must be always here to get more sweet treats. After clicking the "Play" button, the player will get the reward after touching gift box immediately.

If the player misses a day, they have to start again without any selections.


Daily Bonus has a pattern. The player can get 4 Sweet Surprises, 2 Delicious Surprises, and 1 Divine Surprise every 7 days without missing a day.

x >= 1 and integer
Day 7x-6 7x-5 7x-4 7x-3 7x-2 7x-1 7x
Gift Box Sweetgiftbox Sweetgiftbox Deliciousgiftbox Sweetgiftbox Sweetgiftbox Deliciousgiftbox Divinegiftbox


  • Sometimes, the player can get double daily bonus in a single day. It usually happens when the player receive a daily bonus when entering the game for the first time on that day, and playing one of the levels, then going out of the level.
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