Candy Crush Friends Wiki
Candy Crush Friends Saga Logo.png
Developer(s) King
Publisher(s) King
Platform(s) iOS, Android, Windows 10
Type 3-match
Release date March 1, 2017 (soft launch, only in Mexico and Philippines)
October 11, 2018 (official; hard launch; all mobile users)
Current version 1.12.4
Status Active
Website website)

Candy Crush Friends Saga, often also called Candy Crush Friends or Candy Crush 4, is a video game developed by It is a sequel to the legendary Candy Crush Saga, the most popular world-widely known Facebook, iOS and Android game and also sequel of Candy Crush Soda Saga and Candy Crush Jelly Saga.

On March 1, 2017, a soft launch of Candy Crush Friends Saga was made available for download, but only in Mexico and Philippines. At that time, it had not received any updates so far. On October 11, 2018, a hard launch of Candy Crush Friends Saga was released for all mobile users. The soundtrack was remastered an unknown amount of time before the release of the hard launch. As of March 2021, the game remains unavailable on Facebook.


Candy Crush Friends Saga sees players traversing through levels with the aid of characters both from previous games and some new friends as well who have not appeared in any previous game. It will also feature 3D character art and environments, new game modes, a whole new way for pre-level boosters to work (the Friends are pre-level boosters in a sense, and there are others as well) and a slower method to obtain free ones (instead of collecting free boosters outright through various quests and contests, at present you only collect gift boxes containing "tickets" and it takes a generally substantial number of tickets to obtain new Friends, costumes for Friends, and various boosters.

The animation of the Friends and the pre-levels game board is 3D in nature. The game board of the various levels works similarly to that of Candy Crush Jelly Saga in the sense that it’s a vertical (as opposed to the horizontal version with "rooms" of Candy Crush Soda Saga and the winding board-game-like version of the original Candy Crush Saga) winding path extending "into" the screen, with the levels appearing as colored ovals along the path.

The episode names repeat every four episodes on rotation and all four episode names are taken from the first two games: Lollipop Meadow and Bon Bon Beach from Candy Crush Soda Saga and Lemonade Lake and Chocolate Mountains from Candy Crush Saga.

All that said, Candy Crush Friends Saga remains at its core very much a classic Match-Three game, with the candies being the items to match. Most special candies that result from matches work essentially the same as in other match-three games in general and the other Candy Crush Saga games in particular.



  • On November 26, 2018, Candy Crush Friends Saga was chosen as a most fan-favorite game on Google Play 2018.
  • As the gap between the soft launch and the hard launch exceeded one year, this game can be said to be by far the "most delayed" game in the Candy Crush series to date.